Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A little bit

No more school day off. Can't describe how fast it ended, but it just end. Here I am, on a school day, blogging. I'm so attached to internet, I can't live without internet.. which is a stupid statement. School was boring today, girlfriend(bestfriend) didn't come and many teachers were absent which is awesome. Enjoyed my nap for quite long than usual, fun talking with the dudes, cracking up jokes and successfully making myself so awkward.

Yesterday, I had a little bit of surprise. Mom gifted me an Instax for I don't know what occasion. Maybe there wasn't an occasion, because they was a pinky promise happened between us. But whatever, I'm happy. I was really surprised, totally wasn't hoping at all. Now I've to save money to buy films. I just hate buying films it cost me a fortune. By the way, up above as you can there, I took that picture, hope y'all liked it :)

Recently been reading Shakespeare's work. His poems, plays and all. Yahya told me to do so, for me to improve English. I'm not that good as other people, just trying me luck to improve. Speaking off luck, I'm also in the process of trying to earn some height. Since I'm only 148cm, 150cm at least would be great. Getting some tips from Haziq, trying to do what he say constantly is also a hard work. Ya know, nothing's easy. Just finger cross.
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