Friday, 12 April 2013

Click click click

Our school let us have another day off which is a total blessing. I actually plan my day for today yesterday, eventually non of it happened. Quite upsetting! Actually planned for the rest of my day, but here I am, being totally useless. Supposed to eat pancakes or dim sum for breakie but end up eating half boiled egg. Pretty much my everyday breakfast for school, because my dad wanted me to grow some height. I'm only 148cm. Short? Yes. And I also plan to use my 24 hours wisely which... I didn't. I spend almost 10 hours on internet. Wiser? I don't think so. Spent my time watching Youtube most of the time, which I tried to play "Don't Let Me Go" by The Click Five. Non of the Youtubers did any tutorial of that song, only covers, so I learn them thru covers. Which was awful, too much clicking happened.

And I'm spending my evening here. Typing how my day went and hopelessly hoping someone would read. I'd update my Tumblr too, changed the layout. I'm more to simple, basically it look the same as my blog because its white and pink and boring. Yups, not lying. The title of my blog is "half way to paradise", nonsense I shall say. Whatever, but if you want to drop by sure no problem! Click ------- HALF WAY TO PARADISE
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