Friday, 5 April 2013


Here I am again, wanting to blog something after stressing out. Perfect time to let it out, plus the wind breeze is quite chilling.Where should I begin?

Ok, let's being with school. Past few days, I received back our current test papers that I've answered not so very well. Didn't do my hardest for subject I took granted, especially Biology. From my point of view, Biology bored me. That's just my point of view, if you liked Biology so much, cool then keep it up. And so, I failed my Biology paper. It was my first try anyway, I don't really blame myself. Will study and improve my grades, eventho' it's boring but I just have to. Not to forget, failed my History paper too. Over forty above in class, I was the only one who failed. Well, I wasn't expecting to pass either. Too much information to memorize. Plus due to last minute study and as a conclusion I deserve failing.

Moving on, Addition Mathematics was the only subject I did not took for granted. Because it's unusual and it's superbly confusing. I worked my ass off for the subject, end up passing! That feeling of joy. But it wasn't an excellent passing, it was just an average but I don't care still I pass. Chemistry bang me so hard. I've to confess, I cried studying Chemistry. The equations hit so me bad until I got totally blank, like computer froze blank. Stuck and all you can do is either you pulled the battery or you stare it and cry. I pick crying instead of pulled the battery, cause if I pulled my battery you'll never get to read any other post of mine.

Stepping up to a new form, or known in other country as Grade, was all  hard work and good effort. So I enjoy my time being so tired. After 8 hours of studying, 5 days in a week is just a hell of a ride. No matter how long I took nap or even sleep, I woke up and still tired. Brain just too exhausted. Too much information coming in. When I was a kid, I thought Times Table was all I need to remember that's it, unfortunately I was wrong. Now, I've to memorize Periodic Table. Like every single of the names and symbols and nucleon numbers and proton numbers and etc.. In Sha Allah, I can make this thru.

*sorry for not posing with a picture, again.
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