Friday, 5 April 2013

Non sense

Just finished sorting out pictures from my phone, too many pictures ya know. From nice pictures to self portrait to non sense. I'm pretty much active with my Instagram, so drop by if you want to. Just search @sharleenidrus and there you have me. Quite jealous with those people who own Instagram and capture their pictures using an Iphone4s/5 and edit thru it either. You wanna know why? Because they capture sharp and super quality pictures, they really look like they took using dslr. Plus Iphone have amazing application for editing pictures. As another conclusion, I want Iphone4s or maybe 5 "SO BAD". It's pretty much my aim since last year. How blessed people own an Iphone. But somehow, not all Iphone users capture the greatest picture. It depends on people's creativity and techniques. So ya. But most of all I need an Iphone.... even I know my mom won't get me one. Don't earn any cash yet, so I cannot argue or force her to buy me one.

As you can see, I shared you guys a video of Skrillex featuring Ellie Goulding called "Summit". Two words I can describe Skrillex, dopest dj, in my opinion. The reason I shared you readers that video is because, the video editing and combination impressed me so bad. And it kind of inspired me to create my own video. Unfortunately, I don't have suitable equipment to do all this work for now. Unfortunately made me sad. If God willing, I'll be able to make one but not as crazy like that one. That's just too wild for me to record that kind of scene, plus non of my friends or anyone I'm close with actually do that kind of "you only live once" stuff.

Recently my music genre started changing. I'm not sure if it's my hormone or I'm just bored listening to same tune over and over. Listen too much Indie music, pretty much my sister made me. Currently loving Vampire Weekend song called "Step". Such joy listening to it. Different people how different taste of music.
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