Sunday, 18 August 2013

Leave me no choice

A day away for school to reopen again. And I'm here, being all sad and moody and wanting to type something in case something change my mood. I'm totally not really for school, with the pens, thick textbooks, teacher scolding but I leave no choice, I have to and I have to attend school. Just four more months 'til more holidays!!

About raya, it was fun but I still like the ones back when I was a kid. I bet y'all are flashback-ing right now.. cause I did. From my point of view, people who we used to visit during raya got older and they're all being less exciting while we got older and technology killed half of the excitement. No reason to put the blame on anyone. Whatever it is I enjoyed mine and some of you enjoyed yours.

This week had my cousin stayed over at my place. All we do was we stayed up pass our bedtime everyday watching back-to-back movie marathon on laptop (it was horrible when we wake up every morning) and we went out every night to stuff our tummy. I'm sure going to miss that.

Bye. & selamat hari raya

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