Friday, 11 October 2013


took this on September 25th, 2013

And so finally I'm here, typing to whoever you could be or to nobody, in this cold chilly evening due to the heavy downpour that's been going about 4/5 days or maybe more (??) not good in numbers tho. Okay whatever. Chose to blog over my busiest phone in the world, because like almost every single second it'll keep on vibrating. I blame group chat hah.

Been checking up my entries over the years I started blogging (which is all crap, and bad grammar) and start to realise that I'd been blogging since forever! The posts are mostly about exams which is quite lame to reread. Although it's just some crappy exam posts, it somehow matters to me. All those general exams that I'd kicked ass for, almost come to the end. One step closer before I step into a whole 'sort of' new chapter. Everything would be harder than it had been and every difficulty I faced would be a lesson learned. If the new chapter begin, I'll tell myself that I suck and everyone didn't, just a little motivation to myself.

So since my final exam had ended, I had been a potato couch almost everyday now. My check-list after exams was completely abandon. I've lots of novels to read actually. Currently reading the famous "Perks Of Being A Wallflower" but I stuck halfway due to unexplained reasons, I wanted to finish the novel like as soon as possible (it's not that thick!!!!!) but maybe because I saw the movie already so I sort of lost interest in it. Or maybe it was I who didn't like the story. For the sake of Stephen Chbosky, I'm going to finish it by this week, since I got 4 days off (yeappy!), no promises because not sure if I'm able to tolerate with this new series I'm watching called "Bates Motel".

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