Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Let It Go

Been hanging around with my laptop these few days since I'd nothing to do besides going out 'til midnight. I'm home alone yesterday, well a part of me was lonely but on the other hand, I enjoyed it despite of doing nothing but I finished watching Bates Motel and patiently waiting for the next season, which might be on air by next year. I really hate how the series kept on killing people but whatever I'm still keeping up. Since I'd finished watching Bates Motel I continued watching Awkward Season 3 (which had also finished, just a few minutes ago). It's just stupid to wait for a new episode for a week to air on mtv for just 20 minutes. That's unacceptable. So again, stuck here, watching. I also had a feeling that my eye sight disability probably increasing by now, that's not a good sign.

It's Eid Adha today, for Muslims out there who's reading this happy eid adha! I know I should be celebrating with everyone but due to last night tragedy the death of my cat no one is up for it. I cried. Pathetically awful. Couldn't tell how hard my head was spinning, how my emotions starts changing. Too sad to accept realities. Can say that my emotional sadness was on going the whole night. But the one thing that helped me to stop thinking about the awful tragedy was Mellow's voice. Eventho' he(we) doesn't say much, but it somehow made me feel a little bit better. On that moment, I stopped sobbing and started laughing. Greatest pill.

To my little friend,
          you know that I always love you right? Cared so much about your existence. I'm sorry for what had happened. I love you. RIP kitty cat.

**I get so emotional when it comes to my cats. Apologies.
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