Monday, 18 November 2013

Forget it all

November, november.

I know where exactly to begin. My boring days of holiday. It's been almost 2 weeks (i guess) I'd been having my school breaks. The first week was quite productive, productive as in I done something out of my daily routine. Let's just pretend it's productive eventho' it isn't because I sort of waste my pocket money to buy foods and movie tickets and freaking paying those public transport fee. Whatever, this things makes me happy and it's not like I done it everyday.

Eventho' it's school break, I'm still having lots of thoughts about studies. Well it effect my mind not my actions, I'm still the lazy me. The worst part is I can't even read one chapter of anything. Disappointed? YES. I can't even read one single chapter in a day!!!! For God sake!!!!! I feel stupid. Excuse my emotions.

Lately I'd been doing lots of thinking. Thinking about life. The life I'm living in right now is this how it supposed to be? Like me being short and lazy, and how lifeless it could be and how crazy I could be. Speaking of crazy, had our class dinner last month which turn out superbly amazing! Another one unforgettable moment, let me list why; 1. Delivered a speech for the very first time in my entire life. 2. I was partying/dancing as if it's not me. 3. While my heels on(which I rarely wear heels) I was jumping like no one's business. 4. I was crazy. Fun night, crazy night.

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