Saturday, 16 August 2014

The villain

This is to the days where all the hate begins. The days where the world looked at me as the bad guy, the villain, and the wretch to everything. I knew it was just some misjudgment behavior, but it left bruises all over me. I'm not a strong person. I'm not that kind of person who wants to actually fight back. The truth is all I wanted was to disappear. To run. To be in oblivion. However, I can't. I can't run away from everything. I can't run away from the hate. I just can't.

Pretty aching that there was so many fingers pointing at me, accusing me for the things I didn't do. To be called names. To had been spread false rumors. And for once, I felt myself as a bully victim. Well yes. Funny. I don't see how this situation will carry me to a better future. But to be a reminder that the world is filled with hate when you look closely. And there's nothing you can ever to do satisfy people. I'm not going to fight back, I'll let you win. And if you think that you're pretty confident in what you're doing is right, then do whatever you want. I wasn't born to walk on the same lane with the people who actually believe with all the lies. 

To sum it all up, I'm just going to put on my smiley face on and staying strong although it hurts. I forgive the ones who done miserable things towards me. And if you're reading this, no matter who you are, I apologize to whatever I'd done wrong. I don't want to hate. It's worthless.

Exhaling negative vibes, inhaling positive vibes.
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