Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Cheers to the beginning

Hello January!

Brand new year, same old me. Ya nothing noticeable happened to me except for some endless zits to appear on my face. I'd been rolling on bed ever since school ended and was companied by bunch of novels. I feel very lifeless somehow. But life goes on. Well I hated those days where in a day I did absolutely nothing but lying on bed like a dead corpse in a coffin with my phone on my hand endlessly scrolling Instagram and reading random articles I found on Google. Sometimes I even caught myself reading the Yahoo!Mail highlighted news. And I also I'd been cramping my butt playing The Sims 3. That shit never fail to get me addicted since forever.

Beside burning daylight, did some physical exercises which is not in the right mind of mine that I would actually wanting to do it but for the sake of wanting to hike Mount Kinabalu, I had to. There's no shortcut for it so yeah. And also, I'd been looking for a part-time jobs which I haven't completely decide where. Well one thing I had to admit for this year is that I suck at deciding this quite recent. Seriously I don't know what's bothering me. And one more thing, short term memory. Sucks. I can't even remember what I asked a few seconds ago. But fingers crossed its nothing serious!

One fact for this year is that I'm turning eighteen. They said I'll be legal(?) in a few months but whatever, I'm still living on the same roofs with my parents. However, I'm still expecting something when I turn eighteen. Perhaps a flight tickets to Paris? That'll be nice. One had said, it's okay to dream big.
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