Thursday, 5 March 2015

Here we go

Before high school even ended, everyday me and friends would just gathered up, planning about stuffs, what we're all up to after high school. The result of what we talked about was not been taken seriously so none of it ever happen, until the first of March. The first of March was a changer. It was a definitely a last minute plan but it turned out pretty awesome, can't lie. So we gathered up our picnic basket and headed to Sapi Island with no doubt but excitement. It was surely a blast, I can say that the sunburn and the damaged hair was worth it. We need to do it again, PRONTO!

A couple days ago, the SPM results came out. I'd be lying if it wasn't nerve wrecking. I felt blessed and happy with my result although I aim higher but I didn't manage to achieve it but it's okay, well it's more than okay actually. And I was really thrilled that I didn't fail any of my science subjects or even get E's on my result. I'm truly blessed for everything. And I thanked everyone who's been there for me, praying and helping me throughout the whole year.

Guess its up to me now to choose my path. To stay or to leave?
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