Thursday, 23 April 2015

No bad days

When you meet someone who shares the same passion as you is incredible. Those who travel around and took lots of fascinating pictures, those that knew how to capture and turned the picture into something beautiful and those who willing to just chat and share about the passion itself with strangers are the people who I look up to.

The Bside KK (known as one of the hipster-ish restaurant around Kota Kinabalu, which is also my favourite restaurant that serves the most flavorful french toast and the amazing Bolgogi Burger side dish which is the fried potatoes -- to me lah, yang lain pun sedap juga so go ahead and try them) are currently having our local Instagram photographer, Joseph Yapp's exhibition. In conjunction of his exhibition, the Bside KK had arranged a casual meet up with Joseph himself on the 19th of April and had gathered a few Instagramers around Kota Kinabalu to hop in the fun.

To just able to listen what he went through pursuing his passion was very inspiring. To know what struggles he faced to capture a single picture just to be satisfied with the outcome and after years, I finally knew what was his techniques in producing amazing results. To be surrounded with great food, great environment and great people totally sums up to great weekend well spent at the Bside.

Back a year ago, I've no idea what the hell VSCO Grid was. But after seeing Joseph's pictures got selected from time to time it's completely amazing, and from that moment I knew the existence of VSCO Grid. Never in my wildest dream that one day my picture was going to be selected, because majority people on Grid used iPhones or other high standard techy cameras while I'm only using my Lumix-DMC FS3 and my Samsung phone camera, besides I rarely uploaded anything on Grid so it's was completely phenomenal to be notice over million other users and to received an email from VSCO Cam that was other than informing me about new updates or filters or even news, was happiness. It has been a great pleasure and experience of mine to be one of the selected people. Don't be afraid to try to pursue your dreams and see where it leads you, do often explore the beauty of your passion.

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