Sunday, 16 August 2015

Thousands miles away

Schedule had been hectic since I came back from Paris which was two months ago(?). Everything happened way too fast. A few days back from holiday, a week at work then boom, college life. I feel sorry for myself for not taking time to blog. Just haven't got the time to adapt everything to my brain.

Let's do a little throwback on May. Approximately 6000 miles and 13 hours of butt cramping on flight from Malaysia to Paris was a torture, I didn't enjoy it very well nearly died out of boredom. Touchdown was probably around 8 in the morning, the weather was fine not too cold or too sunny but it's a bit gloomy and drizzle a little. Stayed at the Ibis Budget Hotel, a very cosy hotel down at the Porte De Montreuil area which was quite far from the main city because I couldn't the Eiffel Tower. First trip was definitely visiting the Eiffel Tower. Quick advise take the Metro to Torcadero cost about €1+ per person and be thrilled to see a beautiful garden scenery with overflowing fountains facing to the famous Eiffel Tower. By foot, we travelled across the garden and crossover the bridge to get a closer view of the Eiffel and decided to have a little picnic at the park with the rest of the birds.

There's nothing much about the Eiffel Tower beside it's stunning and mesmerising architecture to be honest, so don't waste your time there because you have thousands more to visit. And for the record I missed out a lot exploring Paris as I should be, our main focus was being at the South and that broke my heart so I'm just going to point out a few places that I'd been. Number 1. Arc De Triomphe. Number 2. The love bridge. Number 3. God this is heartbreaking. I didn't get to see Monalisa for God's sake although she's just a painting!

Decided to skip Paris, so moving on. To South we travelled to Toulon, Saint Tropez, Nice and other few places in between. I enjoy Nice very well. I'm aware that it is a city but it's not like those cities that filled with skyscraper buildings, okay maybe it's a town okay I don't know.Whether it’s a city or a town, I feel in love with Nice. The place was really welcoming. Indeed it was very beautiful, the beach was along a very long promenade just beside the city, the sea was crystal clear, people finally speak good English, Nice was a bless.

Instead of wandering around France, we did manage to get out of France to Rome or they call it “Roma”. Don’t really enjoy Rome because the feeling is like you’ve been hit by your history textbook really hard on the face. And everywhere you go, every step you took, you just step on something historical back thousand decades ago which it’s super scary. Did visit the Colloseum, the Vatican city and other famous attractions which they’re names I already had forgotten.

ps: I'll try to continue posting pictures from time to time due to bad internet connection. 
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