Friday, 4 September 2015

Forever and more

Sometimes it's tough for me to go through downfalls. I hate mistakes. And I hate myself for making the mistakes and to feel like a total failure. But that's not life without mistakes, we all go through those tough times. I'd always blamed myself for what I'd done, all those careless mistakes I made and those frowns on my parents face. I know I have much to learn but to fail, that was never an excuse, I created them. Those mistakes I made hunt me down, day and night, and I was beginning to feel anxious and restless about it until I found my pill.

My guy.

Whenever he's around all those anxiousness I had in me was gone. It felt like I was completely high on drugs or something that made forget all my worries. Every time he holds my hand, every word that came out from his mouth comfort me, so much. That I started to get addicted. But it's wonderful. The fact of knowing that someone is there, willingly, to love me, it is still indescribable. Every joy that he had brought, every songs that he had sang, it forever will remind me that love exist. Soon there will be a distance, a border that kept us away. A few more days to spare, but forever more to drown in love.
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