Sunday, 15 November 2015

When it's time to grow up

Trying to accept things beyond your comfort zone can be really, really hard. The heart and mind was always fighting which to satisfy first, the needs or the wants, but we all know both can't win. In my case, they both won. I quit my previous college, and moved forward living my sort-of dream university. Been awhile I wasn't home, been more than a month but kept turning back and forth being homesick and being all baby to face the reality, well not exactly what I wanted lah but somehow. To actually being here and sit, turns out pretty cool. I mean like how it is neatly organise and how punctual and specific and professional I shall say, despite having a few test on the first day of orientation (because to be honest, they just don't care what you had on your previous exams and what they do care is what we are now). All I can say, it's super challenging when it comes to new base, and I know nothing about anything, but that's what the whole plan of going here duh. Besides, it is still an amazing experience to meet people who came from different sorts of background. Also an eye opener to new exposure.

In terms of the University environment, everything is wonderful. Everything is newly equip. There's only Foundation students conquering that big new building, which was probably around 35-40, unfortunately that moment lasted about a week until the seniors moved in. Although there's some construction is still going on on that new building so far it didn't bother at all, I was enjoying every bit of the pleasure I can ever get. Was totally in love with the uni's interior, it's very minimalist. Plus the walking distance from my hostel to the university it's just probably around 7 minutes or less, no joke. But recently, I'd been hopping rides with hostel friends which saves up my energy plus the haze was really bad during September and early October.

Beside being caught up with the studies, I'm trying my best to get involved helping around events held by the university. Halloween night was the first in line, I'm guessing next it's for the open day and the Christmas event. Wanted to participate more because during high school I totally blew it off. And on Wednesday, I'll usually go for a swim because it's the only exercise I know that doesn't involve sweating (yes, lol). Not much but this are the ones who occupied my days here and it's a very nice place to explore new adventures.
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