Thursday, 13 July 2017

Good chicken wings

taken at flowers in the window, jalan dhoby, johor bahru.

Little did I know, nine months ago I just started my undergraduate programme. New beginnings scares me as it doesn't seem like the path that I was supposed to be on. Lost and confused, that's what I was. At one point, I somehow wished there was a manual guide in guiding life until I realised that I was just a little paranoid after all. And that's where I ended up accepting taking a construction field course. Not after high school I imagined myself doing physics calculations all over again and the coolest thing is, I sat for my exams and I finished my first year(!)

So basically what I learned during the first year, was its okay to be or feel stupid and being lost doesn't seem to be a bad thing. Especially when deciding if everything is going to work, when you thought first choices are always going to be the best choice you'll make, to be really honest, it doesn't. Something else might be coming your way and you just have to learn to accept. At first I find it very very difficult to cope up (still is tho) with all the endless assignments where I have to constantly bragging but still working in catching up deadlines because during foundation, we had plenty of time to just focus on few modules and less assignments AND also because I procrastinate a lot because that's nature right(?) you can say I'm not prepared at all. The saddest thing is there was no heads up, no nothing, you just have to flow with it. Oh! One funny story is that I remembered the first day of coming up to class, so the lecturer was passing around assignment brief and the first word I saw was "Contouring" and the only contouring I know was make up contouring, and at that very moment I knew I'm screwed. Well it's not that funny.... sorry. 

Months after months, I started to understand that no matter whatever you do, the misery won't end. It keeps on coming one after another and then one after another just like trains, sometimes both trains depart in the same time and then you know you're screwed. Side note: im not really good with metaphors but I hope you get me. What surprises me is the whole experience had made me look at things in a different perspective, as finding alternatives and just keep on swimming! When I say alternatives, I meant my assignments, as they don't always fall in place as I had expected so always make sure you have a Plan B.

But! There's always a time for you to have fun. Always, always and always keep yourself surrounded with positivity. I would just buy myself a bus ticket and next thing I know I'm already in Singapore meeting Lang Leav for her meet & greet. And I would just dress nicely, drive myself to a cafe carrying my thick ass law notes and order myself chicken wings and literally spend my whole day alone studying in that cafe. Plus, the cafe playlist was cool that made me stay for hours! This is how I define fun.

If I survived first year, so can you. 

their chicken wings are good c:
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