Thursday, 31 August 2017

A field of lavender

Let me take you back to January 16th, 2017. The day where dreams were no longer dreams.

Who would've imagined for an ordinary Borneon girl blasting Two Door Cinema Club's Beacon album in her bedroom when she was only fifteen had finally gotten the opportunity to see the band perform live. Yes, it was surreal that I had to scream my lungs out and sing along even when I've forgotten some of the lyrics which ruined most of the videos I took. So, there I was, made my way through crowds to see one of my favourite band performing live right in front of me was definitely satisfying. Worth the money and the time spent to travel to Singapore, even it involves waking up at five the next morning to drive back Malaysia for class at nine. Fyi, the concert was on Monday which luckily my class was in the morning. Student struggle free. It's noticeable from the pictures that I was a little too far from the stage but believe me, the sound system was so good that you don't really have time to be upset to not being able to stand close to the stage because they sounded really really good. Side note: I almost cried because they're too good to be true c': Whatever it is, they sang beautifully and I can say that I was mesmerised for two hours. For those who never went for concerts before, go. You will feel different sorts of emotions but it's the kind of satisfying emotions. Which is good, makes you feel lighten up. 

This, Two Door Cinema Club concert was really something special to me, it reminds me that great things happened when you wait. It might take a few years, but it was definitely worth the wait and I wouldn't trade this experience with anything else because I was beyond happy. Forgetting all the worries, the sadness, the heartbreaks, I was living the my dream.

All pictures were taken by me and was shot using iPhone 6s in case you're wondering why it's a little glitchy. 
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