Tuesday, 12 December 2017

It could be love

The xx – Live in Singapore at Singapore Indoor Stadium: 25 July 2017 
If there was a moment I could relive over and over again, it would be this concert. Never had I ever imagined twenty years of living, I would actually be standing literally in front of the stage with no strangers head blocking, no hands recording, no nothing, just Romy, Oliver and Jamie. I was over the moon. I'm assuming that there was a little leprechaun fell into one of my pockets because getting a front row in that huge standing zone was all pure luck. It was crazy that it felt like a dream. Well it was always like a dream of mine. Again, an ordinary Borneon girl, turning her dreams into plans. The xx was my ultimate jam. When they released their latest album "I See You", I told myself they were too good to be true. It gets better when they released their tour dates and Singapore was on the list. So me and girlfriends went. The thing about concerts is that, it made me so feel alive that I could be myself surrounded by thousands of people. And the way it speaks the language that I couldn't express with my own words is wonderful. I don't think I would get tired going to concerts. At all. I don't care how many hours I've wasted for queuing and standing in the crowd because it's worth the money I've spent on. I bet this experience comes once in a lifetime, and I'm grateful that I've been blessed with this kind of experience. I will try not to brag about it anymore, sorry.

But one more thing! Look who's face made it to the thexx official instagram, me! So I'm wrapping this throwback up with some pictures I took during the concert. Cheers to more great concerts ahead of me!

Oliver: this next song im going to dedicate to all the single people. 
               *intensive stage lighting in the background, plays fiction*

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